Glenmorangie global brand ambassador & director of corporate social responsibility

Hamish was born in Speyside, Scotland. A summer job as a warehouseman rolling barrels led to his first job in the marketing department at a distillery, just as the world was beginning to discover the delights of single malt whisky – so in a sense Hamish has been steeped in its development ever since!

With over 30 years in marketing roled princippaly in the drinks industry, Hamish joined The Glenmorangie Company in 1999 with the primary responsibility of developing the Ardbeg brand. He was the driving force responsible for leading Ardbeg through its ‘renaissance’ to become the ‘Ultimate Islay Malt’ it is today.

A true aficionado, Hamish brings a wealth of experience, humour and creativity to his role and will happily talk for hours about his favorite subjects: Scotland and whisky.

As director of corporate Social Responsibility, Hamish is also responsible for driving forward the company’s strategy on sustainable development.