Gryson is a known name in Belgium and internationally in the tobacco world.  The Gryson factory was established after the second world war by Mr André Gryson and Mrs Angèle Vandemergel.  In 1984 the Gryson tobacco factory was sold to Mr Guido Vandermarliere (J. Cortès Cigars).  More recently in 2012 Japan Tobacco acquired the Gryson factory.  Already more than 10 years, I’m fascinated by the art of smoking cigars.  In my professional career I had the chance to learn the cigar industry form the inside out.  Now is the time to bring this fantastic product closer to the cigar enthusiasts’.  Enjoying a cigar asks dedication and passion and is not for everyone.  It opens a beautiful world with connections from Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Dominican Repbulic, Cameroon & many more places.